Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Bloggers

Welcome to our blog!  This is our first try at this so please bear with us.  The purpose of this blog to try and bring some common sense to investing.  So who are we?  We are three guys who met while pursuing our MBAs.  The friendship was pretty instant while we are three pretty vastly different personalities as you will find out through reading our entries. 

Our vision is to provide three different ways to view a stock or set of stocks.  One of the views will be a logical almost engineering like approach based on fundamentals such as P/E, P/B, ratios, EPS, etc.  The second approach will be somewhat based on fundamentals but also taking into account the overall sector, economy, etc.  The third but certainly not last will be based on knowledged gathered from news, articles, market perception of the leadership/product/reputation.

We hope to track the performance of the three methods and see how we come out in the end.  As we are all fans of Warren Buffett, you might see some of this values/methodologies used in our analysis.

If we can help anyone that would be awesome but we would be happy to provide some entertainment even if it's for you to say that you're kicking our asses with how you are performing.